Introducing the illustrated faces behind the name, left to right, Evelyn, Chris, myself,  Primrose and Harvey.

Hello, and welcome to this little space thats all me.

My name is Jemma, I am 29 years young based in Derby, UK.  I relocated from South Wales in 2013 and yes, my valleys accent does start many a conversation.

Fast forward to January 2017, when this little adventure of mine begun. Newly wed, 7 months pregnant and hands full with a 15 month old - amongst all the love and the crazy at home I knew I needed a little space that was just for me.  So what started as a hobby, grew into a business as I wanted to share the love with you guys and here we are now -

my very own website full of amazing goodies inspired by you!

I have recently found the courage to start a second venture to raise awareness of mental health, body positivity and good vibes only @standtall.bemoreyou, 

To say my dreams have come true is an understatement and it has been one amazing journey!  Its crazy, its busy, its hard work but its so rewarding to make each of you as happy as you make me when your order lands!

--- THANK YOU ---

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Inspired by Love.   Inspired by Lego.  Inspired by you.

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