I am very excited to announce that from today 10% of all profits will now be donated to Rowan Tree Cancer Care.  This is a local Community based Charity providing emotional and practical support to families throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff whose lives have been touched by Cancer.

This organisation has helped so many people through the worst times of their lives.  They are more than just a charity – they are a huge part of the community, they are your family when you really need them most! 

I am so proud of my amazing Nanny Meryl who not only chose the name Rowan Tree but also helped it grow from a dream to where it is today. She even wrote a book to tell the story of this amazing place and its journey before she sadly passed away.  I have included the book below.

This is not only for my Nan, but in memory of my Bampi who also lost his battle.  For the amazing Jan who is still fighting and inspired me to follow my dreams of supporting this amazing charity!



So I didn’t choose Rowan Tree, I feel like Rowan Tree chose me! 

Meryl Davies

I am not great with words so here is a little poem about this amazing lady:


I wish we’d had more time,

I wish I’d given you more.

You were such an amazing lady,

A mother, a nanny, a mentor!


You were always so proud of me,

And everything I’d do.

I’m sad you’ll never meet my girls,

But they will always know of you.


I really miss you so very much

Ours chats, our hugs, even your corned beef pie!

But I know you are watching over us,

From high up where you fly!


Our Families were never perfect

But you, you were always our glue

A giant piece is missing

A hole shaped just like you.


You learned to drive at 65,

Technology you battled,

Mobile Phones, PCs, Laptops

Really got you rattled


But you never quit

Even with all the troubles you faced

You always dreamed

And those dreams you always chased.


You not only inspired me,

You inspired many.

Life may be cruel at times

But the memories, we have plenty


You were always strong,

You were kind and brave,

What inspires me most

Is how much you gave!


Your time, your heart

Your love, Your passion.

If everyone was more like you

This world would have so much compassion.


So Nanny,

Here I am.  Still growing up

Without you in my life,

I am now a mammy of two gorgeous girls

I even became a wife!

I hope I make you proud

You left big shoes to fill

But I will always stay strong and work really hard

I know one day I will!

The Story of

Rowan Tree Cancer Care

By Meryl Davies

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